Six Lessons From Jesus’ Mother Mary

statue Mary and young JesusJesus’ Mother Mary

Today I would like to talk about six lessons we can learn from Jesus’ mother Mary that I gained from Ann Swindell’s book, The Path to Peace.

Lesson Number One

Mary’s acceptance of God’s call to give birth to his son was all about what God wanted. Not what Mary wanted.

Accepting God’s plan cost Mary more than she could have imagined. Nevertheless, she embraced his plan as God’s servant.

Lesson Number Two

Mary wasn’t pregnant yet when Gabriel told her God’s plan. She could have said no.

The invitation to accept God’s call on our life often comes at times where we have to give God our yes before we can see the outcome. We say yes, believing we serve a good Father.

Lesson Number Three

Mary watched her son die without seeming intervention. All the dreams, hopes, and promises she had from God, spoken through Gabriel, seemed to disintegrate in front of her.

None of it made sense.

Lesson Number Four

Although what Mary saw seemed hopeless, God knew what he was doing. There was a plan at work Mary could not yet understand.

In time, it would be revealed.

Lesson Number Five

As Jesus hung dying on the cross, he made earthly provision for his mother. He asked his disciple and cousin, John, to take care of her.

Even on our worst day, in our worst possible moment, God sees, God cares, God loves, God provides. And most importantly, God is in control.

Lesson Number Six

There is hope after the darkness.

Jesus appeared to his loved ones after his resurrection and before he returned to his throne in heaven. Hope was reborn.

Your Turn

Because of what Jesus accomplished through his death, burial, and resurrection; the defeat of hell, sin, Satan, and death, every pain, sorrow, and hurt we experience will one day be redeemed, restored, and made new when Jesus returns.

The following questions came from The Path to Peace.

When you feel God asking you to step out of your comfort zone for him, do you put aside what you want and embrace what he wants?

Do you find it difficult to trust God and accept what he is calling you to do without proof it will all turn out all right?

How do you react when you are obedient, but things don’t turn out the way you thought they would or should?

How do you hold onto God’s promises in the darkness when nothing makes sense?

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“I belong to the Lord, body and soul,” replied Mary, “let it happen as you say.” And at this the angel left her. Luke 1:38 (Phillips)

I wish you well.


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Last June I reviewed The Path to Peace by Ann Swindell. Last month I wrote about six lessons Ann mentions in her book that we can learn from Samuel’s mother Hannah. If you missed that post, you can find it here.

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4 thoughts on “Six Lessons From Jesus’ Mother Mary

  1. Such a good reminder as we journey thru Holy Week. Mary’s surrender required an ongoing obedience even in the darkest possible moment when she witnessed her son’s torture and death.


    • It is a good reminder, isn’t it, Kathy? Sometimes we think God’s forgotten us when we hit rough times. You have a blessed Easter, as well, my friend!


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