Ill-fitting Shoes

A pair of shoes arrived in the mail. Brand new. The original owner bought them, but didn’t like them once she got home. (No…it wasn’t Sissy.) This isn’t the first time this has happened.

Now while these shoes cost waaaay more than what I’d pay for shoes, and especially for these shoes, they now belonged to me. I was faced with a dilemma. Be true to myself, or not. Be me, or someone else. Keep shoes which I would never have purchased in the first place, because they are extremely expensive, or see if someone else would like to have them, because I really don’t like these shoes.

How often do we find ourselves putting on shoes that aren’t us, because someone gives them to us?

You know…we take on a ministry someone else no longer wants, or worse, no one will take on to begin with, even though we know we’ll be miserable with it. Someone says we’ll  be great at it, when we’re really not so sure that’s true. We get blindsided, or talked into it, and we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, though we know this is really not what God gifted us to do.

Ill-fitting shoes. I believe it’d be safe to say many of us have been there. The shoes pinch. They’re flat-out ugly, to our way of thinking. We can’t wait to get home and kick them off.

Maybe it’s time we take inventory of what God has gifted us with, think about what’s us, and what isn’t. What our strengths are, and what they aren’t. And use that as a measuring rod before we say yes, when offered someone else’s pair of shoes.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

The kingdom is also like what happened when a man went away and put his three servants in charge of all he owned. The man knew what each servant could do. So he handed five thousand coins to the first servant, two thousand to the second, and one thousand to the third. Then he left the country. Matthew 25:14-15 (CEV)

I wish you well.


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