Bring Them To Me

How many times have you read a passage of scripture in the Bible for the umpteenth time, and found something new in it, which you hadn’t noticed before?

Well, it happened to me again, when I read the scripture from Matthew about Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem the week before he was murdered on the cross of Calvary. There is no telling how many times I have either heard or read that passage and never noticed the word them.

I remember Jesus sent the disciples to bring him the colt he rode into Jerusalem, but this was the first time I saw he said to bring both the colt and the donkey. Have you missed that too? Or am I the only one?

Jesus rode the colt. He had no need of the mother. Yet, he said to bring them both.

Now to my maternal instinct, I understand why Jesus didn’t want to separate the two. What mother wants to be separated from its child no matter how noble the reason? Jesus sympathized with the mother. He would not cause her, or her child, distress for his sake. Bring them both.

Maybe she walked beside her young colt, kept an eye on him, and held her breath he wouldn’t stumble. Maybe she was led by one of the disciples, so she wouldn’t interfere. Maybe the mother told her colt to pay attention. This is Jesus. God’s son. Show him respect. Don’t go stepping in the mud puddles. Look sharp! And for goodness sake, keep your hoof away from your nose.

This whole idea of Jesus requesting both donkeys absolutely blows my mind, as those of us of a certain age might have said.

But what really blows my mind is that I never noticed Jesus said THEM before.

Jesus wants parents to bring their children to him. Children to bring their parents.

He wants us to bring our co-workers. Our friends. Even our enemies.

Jesus has a purpose for each and every one of us in his Kingdom. He told the disciples to bring them to him. Not just one donkey but both. Not just the colt but the parent also.

Just as he requested both animals be brought to him, Jesus is asking us to come to him. And bring those we love along. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. Still as our scripture tells us, If anyone asks what you are doing, just say, ‘The Lord needs them,’ and he will immediately let you take them.”

What are your thoughts on the subject?

As Jesus and the disciples approached Jerusalem, they came to the town of Bethphage on the Mount of Olives. Jesus sent two of them on ahead.“Go into the village over there,” he said. “As soon as you enter it, you will see a donkey tied there, with its colt beside it. Untie them and bring them to me.If anyone asks what you are doing, just say, ‘The Lord needs them,’ and he will immediately let you take them.” Matthew 21:1-3 (NLT)

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I wish you well.


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