Clear Out the Debris

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

It took over a month, but most of the debris in our neighborhood as a result of Hurricane Harvey has been picked up. I imagine those who were impacted the worst wondered day after day when someone would come through and clear out the debris that sat in front of their homes. Reminders of destruction. Reminders of loss. Reminders of pain.

Each day I drove past one house in particular that suffered extreme damage, I wondered how they felt having their destroyed possessions piled up on the curb for passersby to see. Refrigerator. Dresser. Desk. Cabinets. Carpet. Children’s toys.

You get the idea.

All this led me to think about the debris each of us carries around as part of our story. The pain. The hurt. The betrayal. Sometimes we do an excellent job of allowing Jesus to come into our life and clear out the debris to make room for healing and restoration. Sometimes we do not.

We may clear out the debris from the house, but we leave it piled up on the curb. Reminders of the destruction. Reminders of the loss. Reminders of the pain.

Only Jesus can completely clear out the debris and give us hope, life, mercy, and grace that is greater than all our sin. Only Jesus gives victory over the storms that destroy. Only he can bring the restoration we each so desperately need.

Jesus can clear out the debris of our life, but first we’ve got to be willing to toss it to the curb, and let him take it away.

Knowing Jesus can clear out the debris of your life, do you find it easy or difficult to allow him to do so?

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I, the Lord your God, will make up for the losses caused by those swarms and swarms of locusts I sent to attack you. Joel 2:25 (CEV)

I wish you well.


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