Concrete Evidence Book Review

Concrete Evidence is the latest book by DiAnn Mills. It is sure to keep readers guessing as the story of suspense, mystery, misunderstandings, and a wide variety of characters unfolds through twists and turns.

When Avery Elliott finds her grandfather standing over a body with a gun in his hand, it sets off a series of events filled with multiple murders, accidents, near-deaths, threats, and danger. Characters are introduced who may or may not be the bad guys, leaving readers wondering who’s telling the truth and who isn’t until the end of the book.

Who to trust and who not to trust becomes a matter of life and death as Avery and FBI agent Marc Wilkins work together to find answers to their many questions before it’s too late. Throw in a hurricane and the questionable structural integrity of a dam, and you have Concrete Evidence.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley from Tyndale for a fair and honest review, which is exactly what I gave.

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I wish you well.


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