An Abundance of Bison

large male bisonEarlier this month, I mentioned the trip Pilot and I took to North Dakota and parts in between. Although the main reason for our trip was to follow segments of the Lewis and Clark trail, we hoped to see bison at some point.

On our last day in South Dakota, before we headed home, God did immeasurably more, and provided an abundance of bison. Including the big fella pictured above, who got up close and personal to Pilot’s open window. Maybe Pilot shouldn’t have been eating bison jerky?

During our drive north through the Dakotas, we glimpsed several bison on distant hills. Some were barely more than dark spots on the prairie, still, we were grateful for the sightings.

On one of our spur of the moment decisions, we decided to drive through Custer State Park, SD before we headed to Deadwood. And are we ever glad we did.

At first we saw a few bison off the side of the road. Still far away, but at least you could tell they were bison. As we kept driving the Wildlife Loop, more bison came into view.

I had my camera stuck out the window as Pilot drove. I was so excited to see the bison. With each group of bison we came upon, I thanked God for answering our prayer to see these magnificent animals.

But God wasn’t done.

Looking back on that day, I wonder if God may have smiled at my excitement, and thought, “Sandy. Just wait. You haven’t seen anything yet.”

It wasn’t long before traffic slowed.

I stuck my head out the herd of bisonwindow to see what the hold up was.

A very large herd of bison is what the hold up was.

Right at the side of the road!

I would have been happy, and considered it a wonderful bison-sighting day. Yet, God had more in store.

After we made it past this herd of bison which meandered across the road, we went down the road a little ways, then decided to turn back around and head north to Deadwood.

That’s when God provided the most amazing experience of our trip. We found ourselves at the head of a line of traffic stopped by a herd of bison crossing the road.

baby bisonThese animals saw no need whatsoever to hurry across the road.

In fact, we were stopped for almost an hour as the bison stood in the road in front of us, snuggled against our front bumper, and peered into the windows of our RV.

If we were foolish enough, we could have reached out and touched them. We aren’t that foolish. 

In Dragons of the Watch by Donita K. Paul, the male main character, Bealomondore, tries to explain to the female main character, Ellie, why Wulder has given them what Ellie considered the nice, but unnecessary, item of pie in their noon meal.

Bealomondore told Ellie, “Like a good father, Wulder delights in the pure pleasure of His children’s hearts.”

When Ellie still doesn’t get what he’s saying, Bealomondore explains further that Wulder delights in His people’s enjoyment of simple pleasures. Pie, being one of those pleasures.

Or a herd of bison so close you could touch them.

Our God is the giver of every good and perfect gift. He lavishes his love upon us. God gives us more than the necessities of life. He gives us the nice, but non-essential, pleasures as well.


Because God delights in our enjoyment of what he gives.

The next time God gives us pie, in whatever form our specific pie may come, let’s enjoy it. That’s the reason for the gift, after all.

And don’t forget to say thanks.

What non-essential pieces of pie have you received lately?

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Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow. James 1:17 NLT

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I wish you well.


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