Don’t Ignore the Prompt

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

Have there been times in your life where out of the blue someone’s name flashes across your mind?

What about situations where you find yourself in a conversation with a stranger, and feel it wasn’t a coincidence?

Some might call situations like those Divine Promptings.

So let’s say a friend’s name does cross our mind unexpectedly. What should we do about it? We can ignore it, send up a prayer for them, call and check up on them …

We can do a lot of things, but in situations like that, my default is to send up a prayer, whether I have any idea what’s going on in that person’s life at that particular point in time, or not.

God knows, and he just might have put that prompt into our brains for a definite reason.

What about times where we have a conversation we weren’t intending to have?

This happens to me often. More times than not, it’s with a stranger. Don’t know what it is about me. Maybe I appear approachable, or maybe it’s another God prompt.

For those of you reading this who may not know me personally, I am not overly outgoing. Quite the opposite. I’m a shy introvert. I’m more of an observer than a conversationalist.

Go figure how I ended up a teacher.

I know I’ve been on the receiving end of others’ prayers on my behalf when they had no idea what was going on in my life, but prayed for me or my family anyway.

I imagine you have to, even if you don’t know it.

Prayer is a privilege allowing us to go before the very throne of God with petitions and request not just for ourselves, but for others.

How amazing is that?

Because we have this amazing privilege, I believe we should take advantage of it, especially when we feel God’s prompt, and bring our requests daily. Don’t you?

Especially those prayers that seem to come to us out of the blue.

At those times when a friend’s name comes to mind, don’t ignore the nudge. It just might be God prompting us to pray.

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Then the religious leaders and Levites stood and prayed that good would come to the people. And their voice was heard. Their prayer came to the Lord’s holy place in heaven. 2 Chronicles 30:27 (NLV)

I wish you well.


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