Invite Jesus Into Your Boat

The story is recorded in Matthew, Mark, and John. Jesus and his disciples have just finished feeding the 5,000 with a small amount of food, by man’s measure. But enough to feed the crowd, and have twelve baskets full of leftovers, by God’s measure. (John 6:1-15)

After the crowd left, Jesus sent his disciples across the lake for Capernaum, while he went off by himself to pray.

When the disciples were about three and a half miles out, a strong wind came up, and the waters grew rough. Jesus noticed the frightened disciples’ predicament, and set out to meet them. Walking on the water.

As soon as Jesus got into the boat with the disciples, the winds calmed.

The disciples were obeying Jesus. He’d told them to take a boat across the lake, and they did. Still, a storm rose up, and threatened their safety.

It wasn’t until they asked Jesus into the boat, that the fierce winds calmed, and they made it safe to the other shore.

When the storms of life hit, we often wonder what we did wrong. What others did wrong. Looking at this moment in the disciples’ lives, I’d have to say they were in a pickle, and had done absolutely nothing wrong. They did nothing to cause their predicament. Maybe, the same can be said about our pickles.

But notice, as soon as the disciples asked Jesus into their boat, the waters calmed, and they reached the shore safely. Don’t miss that.

As soon as we invite Jesus into our boat, He’ll calm our seas and give us His peace. He’ll even take us to the other shore safely.

If we want to be ready for the storms that assail us, beat us up, and spit us out, I think we’d best invite Jesus into our boat. And keep him there.

Don’t you?

Then they (the disciples) willingly took him (Jesus) into the boat, and immediately the boat reached land at the place they were heading for. John 6:21 (GNT)

I wish you well.


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