Who Sets the Pace?

Bear and I went for a walk. Actually, it was more like a tug.

Next month, Bear will be 1-year-old. Maybe by then, he will calmly walk beside me, instead of trying to drag me down the street.

Every two or three strides of our walk, I dug in my heels, told Bear to sit. He sat. Then we started to walk all over again.

Bear looked up at me when he sat.  He took his first step obediently in the heel position. After that, though, it was, “Let’s see how far I can tug Mom down the road, before she makes me sit, again.”

By the time our walk ended, both of my arms were tired from keeping a firm grip on the leash.  I was exhausted.

It would have been easier to let Bear do whatever he wanted to do. I could have pretended to jog behind him, like I was the one in charge. But, then, Bear would never learn to walk with me, instead of ahead of me.

Maybe I’m more like Bear than I would like to believe. How many times do I race off ahead of God, confident I know where I am going, and set my own pace to get there?  How many times has God  planted his feet, refused to budge, and waited for me to sit, and look at him?

On the homeward bound half of our excursion, a weary Bear tried to turn into every driveway we passed. He was hopeful we were at our final destination.

Each of us is homeward bound. There is one, final, destination ahead. I need to sit and listen to my Master’s voice. I need to follow the pace he sets. Not run ahead. Not lag behind. I want to be certain I end up going down the correct driveway.

How about you?

Jesus Draw Me Nearer sung by Kristyn Getty.

I wish you well.



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