Through the Storms

There have been two times which I recall being in a terrific storm on the water. Once was when Pilot and I were on our sail boat on the Indian River in Florida. The other time was when we were on an ocean liner in the Caribbean Sea. That storm was labeled the Storm of the Century. The Perfect Storm was based on its effects.

Although the Storm of the Century was much worse, the sail boat adventure was the scariest. You see, I don’t know how to sail a boat, and all the while I held the tiller, as Pilot scrambled to lower the sails, I feared he would be swept overboard. Truly.

I knew enough, that if that did happen, I was to drop the sail into the water near him, so he could grab hold. The problem would have been me getting the boat to where he was. Me dropping the sail without joining Pilot in the drink. And me actually being of any use, at all.


Obviously…we survived.

Pilot, with all his nautical skill and cunning, did not fall overboard.

You’d better believe I was praying awfully hard during the whole ordeal. Awfully hard. And thankfully, God heard. Though the skies were ominous, the winds ferocious, and lightning flashed and thunder crashed all around, it eventually calmed, and we made safe harbor.

Some of you may never find yourself in an actual boat on stormy seas, but I gather you’ve had your share of storms in life. To my way of thinking…it’s the same thing.

Waves raised us high, and plunged us under them. Strong winds yanked our dreams, hopes, and desires from our hands, and tossed them overboard. Lightning  flashed and thunder boomed. We scurried for shelter, but there was none to be found. It’s enough to make even the skilled sailor lose courage.


That’s when we call out to the LORD. The One who has control over all things. He controls the tempests that brew in our souls and in our lives. He calms the storms, and brings us to safe harbor. His love is constant, and he is to be thanked for bringing us through our hard places.


What are your thoughts on the subject?

Some sailed over the ocean in ships, earning their living on the seas. They saw what the Lord can do, his wonderful acts on the seas. He commanded, and a mighty wind began to blow and stirred up the waves. The ships were lifted high in the air and plunged down into the depths. In such danger the sailors lost their courage; they stumbled and staggered like drunks—all their skill was useless. Then in their trouble they called to the Lord, and he saved them from their distress. He calmed the raging storm, and the waves became quiet. They were glad because of the calm, and he brought them safe to the port they wanted. They must thank the Lord for his constant love, for the wonderful things he did for them.    Psalm 107:23-31 (GNT)

I wish you well.


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