God is Good All the Time

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

Growing up in church, one of my mentors had a simple response to everyone who said, “God is good” after they experienced some wonderful event or news.

She would reply, “ALL the time.”

To which the person usually said something like, “Why yes. Of course he is.”

That doesn’t mean every situation and every circumstance is good. Far from it.

Are you kidding me?

I’ve had my share of dreadful valley of the shadow situations and circumstances, and I imagine most of you have as well.

Since God is immutable, unchangeable, and we know what is true in the light is still true in the dark, isn’t it reasonable to trust God is good all the time; in every situation and every circumstance?

Do you remember the song “Count Your Many Blessings”? Name them one by one, and see what God has done.

It’s easier to look at what we’ve lost and ignore the blessings, but is that the best way to deal with the things God allows in our life we wish he hadn’t?

Job is a great example for us of believing God is good all the time.

He lost pretty much everything; except his less-than-encouraging wife, yet he continued to say, Still I will praise the LORD. My Redeemer and my God.

Job turned his laments and pain into praise and worship.

Even during those times when our circumstances are anything but good, God’s goodness doesn’t change.

God is good ALL the time is something I try to remember.

For God truly IS good ALL the time, is he not?

What helps you remember God is good all the time?

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Go through his open gates with great thanksgiving; enter his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and bless his name. For the Lord is always good. He is always loving and kind, and his faithfulness goes on and on to each succeeding generation. Psalm 100:4-5 (TLB)

I wish you well.


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Sunday Scriptures — The Joys of Being a Homeowner

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

It’s wonderful to return home after time away. To relax among the familiar. Sleep in your own bed. Putter around the yard.

It’s not so wonderful, however, to return home to find a mysterious liquid stain on the ceramic tile in the living room under the entertainment center, a leaking pipe in the kitchen, and a broken air conditioner unit outside.

The night Pilot and I returned from our trip to Colorado last month, he noticed a liquid stain creeping out from under the entertainment center in our living room.

The next day I heard water running in the kitchen as the clothes washer drained.

The day after that we both heard a screeching, grinding noise coming from the air conditioning unit outside.


Welcome home.

The running water?

I discovered it was a leaky pipe under the kitchen sink.

But you want to know the really great thing about the leak? Sitting under the pipe was a large, empty flower vase. That’s right. The water drained into the glass vase instead of all over the cabinet floor.

Only God.

After a trip to the hardware store, Pilot fixed the leak in no time…and left the vase right where it was.

The screeching, grinding noise?

A worn out condenser motor and capacitor.

Fortunately, the air conditioner repair man was able to come to the house the day after we called. He happened to have the correct parts needed and was able to make the required repairs during that service call. And the day was cool and overcast so no need to run the a.c. until it was fixed.

That mysterious liquid stain?

Have no idea.

Our first thought was the refrigerator which backs up to the wall near the leak. But when we pulled it out from the wall, nothing, fortunately. While we were on our trip our area had copious amounts of rain. Possibly, the water seeped from the ground near the area where the sunken living room is.

Who knows?

Each of these incidences could have been cause for frustration, annoyance and alarm. Especially since we returned home tired and Pilot needed to be at work the following day.

Just as Satan pursued Peter, he pursues those of us who claim Christ as Lord and Savior. The deceiver wants to frustrate us, cause us to become angry, make us give up. He strives to make our lives miserable.

But in the midst of the battle, we have a Mighty Advocate who sits on his throne in heaven at the right hand of his Father and pleads our case daily.

Feeling like things are falling apart around you? Leaky pipes. Broken appliances. Mysterious whatevers.

Your health. Job. Finances. Relationships.

Whatever Satan tosses at us, we need not despair. Instead we should hold onto the hope we have in Jesus because greater is HE who is in us, than he who is in the world.


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Simon, Simon, how Satan has pursued you, that he might make you part of his harvest. But I have prayed for you. I have prayed that your faith will hold firm and that you will recover from your failure and become a source of strength for your brothers here. Luke 22:31-32 (Voice)

I wish you well.


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