Sunday Scriptures — God Provides

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

Perhaps you’ve heard of dramatic stories where God provided for someone’s need when the situation seemed hopeless.  No food in the cupboard and a bag of groceries appear on the doorstep. The need for a transplant donor and one becomes available just in time. Someone knows someone who knows someone and a job is secured before the last penny from the last paycheck has been spent.

While you may not have been a participant in anything you’d call dramatic, I’m sure if you look back, you’ll see God’s hand always present, providing in ways only he can.

A time I feel for certain God provided for my parents, brother and me was when we were traveling back to the States from Panama after visiting Sissy and Chief in the Canal Zone. The Miami, Florida hotel clerk informed my dad there were no available rooms. It was late, Dad and the rest of us were tired after our flight, it wasn’t the first hotel we’d tried to find a room at, and the prospects weren’t looking too good.

As my dad turned away, the hotel clerk called him back. Seems he just so happened to have a room left after all.

Now I know, finding a hotel room does not rank up there with receiving a transplant donor, but the point I’d like to make is we need to keep our eyes open to see God’s hand at work in our lives. He doesn’t always work in dramatic ways, but he is always at work. And don’t you think he’d appreciate it if we thanked him for the things we consider small as well as the things we consider big?

What has God provided that left you saying, “Wow!”?

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And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 (NLT)

I wish you well.


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