Watch Me

One of the commands Baxter is learning is, “Watch.” When Pilot or I tell Baby B watch and point to our eye, amazingly, more times than not, he sits and looks at us. Yay!

Apparently the key to modifying his behavior from Monster Mash to Sweet Pea is to get his full attention focused on us. Some days that is no problem. Other days it is. It seems to depend on his excitement level and the activity going on around him, much like the dogs in the movie, “Up!” Squirrel!

When Baxter stops what he is doing, sits, and looks at us, it is a truly wonderful moment. When he continues ignoring our commands, doing as he pleases, it is beyond frustrating.

I compare this training to us humans.

God tells us to watch him. To keep our eyes on him, not the things of the world. We are told to seek after Jesus and his righteousness. We are to model our lives after him and become more like him each and every day.


Like Baxter, sometimes we do good, and turn our eyes to Jesus when he tells us to watch him. Sometimes we ignore his plea, and look to the shiny things of the world that grab our attention and distract us from his commands.

Baxter is a work in progress, as are each of us. There will always be something for us to learn. There will always be areas in our lives in which we can improve. We will have days full of obedience that make Jesus smile. We will have days where our actions bring a tear to his eye.

One thing for certain … the best way to achieve what God has planned for each of us is to become so well-trained we constantly watch, and  keep our eyes on Jesus.

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Turn us around and bring us back to you again! That is our only hope! Give us back the joys we used to have!  Lamentations 5:21 (TLB)

I wish you well.


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