Acronyms. NASA. Abbreviations. BFF. Short cuts. Pub’d. Code words. Wilco.

We all use them. They can be occupational. Spiritual. Cultural. Doesn’t matter. They are in our language.

When I worked, very briefly, as a secretary for an architectural firm, I never did understand all their abbreviations. Velum? Who knew?

When I spent a week in Huntsville, Alabama at Space Camp for Educators, (Right Stuff Award Winner. Uh-huh.) we discussed  SRB SEP. MECO. And MALS. No! Not MALS!

Listen to any lawyer/police tv show, and you’ll hear the short cut lingo bantered about.

When Pilot talks space, it’s MCC. CBM Panel. MWA. Copy That! After a while non-space people can pick it up, and incorporate the terms with ease. After a while.

Even in the writing world, we have our short cuts. Pub’d. (Yes!) Crit Partner. ARC.

What about in our Christian-ese? Do we use words non-believers will understand? Words meant to draw them closer to God, but which leave them scratching their heads, and walking away? Sanctification. Justification. Redemptive work. Substitutionary. Washed in the Blood of the Lamb.

Just like I had trouble with all those abbreviations in the architectural world, people we talk with may not understand religious-speak.

Put simply, a Holy God created us. Our sin separates us from him. Jesus Christ paid the debt we owed for our sins through his death on the cross. Jesus provided a way for us to be made right with God. Finally, what’s our response to that precious, gracious gift?

I wish you well.



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