Because We Love Jesus

I love you windchimeWhat Have We Done?

A devotion in 365 Pocket Morning Prayers, by Dave Veerman asks the question, what have we done lately just because we love Jesus?

Obligation or Love?

When we consider all that Jesus has done for us, it is easy to love him. Still, do we show our love for Jesus because we love him, or because of obligation? That was the question at the center of this devotion.

The author wondered if we tithe, serve, pray, study Scripture, share our faith, out of obligation because the Bible tells us we should do those things, or if we do those things out of gratitude because we love Jesus?

We Love Because He First Loved Us

Years ago a friend said she explained her love for and obedience to Jesus to a college friend like this. She didn’t love Jesus because she thought loving him would bring more blessings into her life. She loved Jesus because he already brought blessings, her salvation, into her life and she was grateful.

Her love was an act of gratitude, not obligation.

Act of Love

The story is told in all four Gospels of the woman who poured a jar of expensive oil over Jesus’ head during a dinner. It was an extravagance the disciples made sure to point out.

In their minds, they felt this woman’s act of unselfish love was totally unnecessary and completely unacceptable. At least to their way of thinking.

Apparently, however, it wasn’t unnecessary and it wasn’t unacceptable to Jesus. In fact, he told the disciples to leave the woman alone. He commended her unselfish act of love. Jesus praised the woman because she anointed his head with her finest gift simply because she loved Jesus.

Your Turn

Do our hearts overflow with love for our Savior to the point we are willing to go beyond a checklist which feels obligatory, to pure worship and sacrificial love simply because we love Jesus?

In my life I know there have been far too many times I acted out of obligation, a checklist, instead of because I love Jesus.

I want  a pure, unselfish love for my Lord and Savior like the woman with the alabaster jar of expensive oil. A woman who didn’t care what the disciples thought about her or her gift. Her act of love was between Jesus and her.

What about you?

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While he was eating, a woman came in with a bottle of very expensive perfume and poured it over his head.

The disciples were indignant. “What a waste of good money,” they said. “Why, she could have sold it for a fortune and given it to the poor.”

Jesus knew what they were thinking and said, “Why are you criticizing her? For she has done a good thing to me.” Matthew 26:7-10 (TLB)

I wish you well.


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