New Year, New Opportunities

By Sandy Kirby Quandt

The following are some thoughts on the New Year that came to mind while I recently read Oswald Chambers’ words in My Utmost For His Highest.

Sometimes we allow the memory of yesterday’s sins and mistakes to dampen our present enjoyment of God’s grace. God allows the memory of our mistakes for spiritual growth in our future, not to keep us chained to the past. He intends for us to learn from our failures. He doesn’t want us to keep on committing them so his grace will abound, however.

God will go before us and protect us. He smooths the way. Levels mountains and fills in valleys. Our part in this is to be mindful and intentional so we don’t repeat the same mistakes.

There’s no reason to enter 2015 in haste. As one who loves starting new things, I need this reminder. It’s a new year. Time for a new start. Brand new calendar. We have our plans for what we want to accomplish but unless we wait upon the LORD to direct us, we could end up in the same mess we muddled through in 2014.

Some of our yesterdays hold broken and irreversible things. Just like water that flows downstream, there were lost opportunities that we’ll never get back. But when we let him, God can take our brokenness and transform it. If we truly consider what we’ve done, what we want to do, what worked, what didn’t, learn from our mistakes, and keep Jesus in the center of it all, we just might find 2015 is our best year, yet.

New year. New opportunities. Opportunities to put our past mistakes into God’s hand and allow him to take that brokenness and direct us in the way we should go.

May 2015 be your best year, yet.

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But you will not leave in haste or go in flight; for the Lord will go before you, the God of Israel will be your rear guard. Isaiah 52:12 (NIV)

I wish you well.


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Bless the Lord O My Soul


Happy 2013, Everyone!

365 days of opportunities stretch out before us.

Opportunities to refine skills. Gain new knowledge. Explore new ideas, and new places.

Opportunities to be nicer, kinder, more loving, more gracious.

Opportunities to fix the things that need fixing. Leave the things that need leaving. Embrace the things that need embracing. Finish the things that need finishing. Start the things that need starting.

Lots of opportunities to accomplish lots of different things.

In this video, Matt Redman suggests what should be a top priority everyday. 10,000 Reasons.

I wish you well.



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