Pause for Poetry-Real Riches

The following poem, Real Riches, comes from The Will of the Wind Inspirational Thoughts on Christian Virtues by Idalee W. Vonk.

Real Riches

If all the world were yours to win,

And all the wealth and land therein;

If coffers heaped with golden store

Would line your walls and gilt your door;

If men would loudly sing your praise

And children would bedeck your ways;

You still would be a beggared lot

If honor somehow were forgot.

If you had naught but daily bread,

A humble cot, a path which led

To where your friends and loved ones wait

With eager smile and open gate;

If none but friends e’er hear your name,

If you are ne’er to taste of fame;

But if self-respect has been your creed,

You are a millionaire, indeed.

In 1986 Carita Swanson Vonk, a woman I met at a writers conference, gifted me with a book of poetry written in 1969 by Idalee W. Vonk titled, The Will of the Wind Inspirational Thoughts on Christian Virtues. The following poem comes from Idalee’s book. Interesting side note. Carita was the second wife of Idalee’s widowed husband. Dr. Vonk also happened to be Carita’s philosophy professor at the University of Miami thirty-two years prior to her giving me this book. J

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