Shut The Door On Satan

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

In 1 Samuel the people of Israel wanted an earthly king to rule over them. God was their King. They were his people. Still, they wanted to be like every other nation, and have a king. So God gave them a king. Saul.

Once the people realized their sin of disobedience, in rejecting the God who had delivered and protected them, they became discouraged and went to the prophet Samuel to beg him to pray to God on their behalf. They believed their disobedience kept them from approaching God themselves.

Samuel told the people not to be afraid, but to turn back to the Lord and serve him. God hadn’t abandoned his people. They abandoned him.

Like the Israelites, we can put our hope and trust in people and things other than the God who delivers us.

We can chase after things we falsely believe will save us, solve our problems, or end our misery.

We make bad choices and unwise decisions that often can’t be undone.

When we realize the magnitude of our sin, we might become discouraged to the point we say what comedian Richard Lewis often said, “I’m doomed!”

We abandon going to church, praying, and reading the Bible because Satan convinces us we are beyond repair. Satan tells us we are indeed doomed. When we feel unworthy to come before the Righteous Judge, we must remember Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Christ’s sacrifice gives us the right to come boldly before God’s throne because Jesus took our sins upon himself. He  paid our debt which we could never pay.

Even the bad choice we make does not mean our relationship with our Father is forever ruined. God forgives when we come before him in repentance, reverence, and awe. God longs for us to serve him, and grow in our relationship with him, despite our unwise decisions.

Instead of allowing Satan to heap piles of guilt on us because of our sin, we need to shut and lock the door on Satan’s lies, and run to God’s open arms of love.

Ready to shut the door?

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“Don’t be afraid,” Samuel answered. “Even though you have done such an evil thing, do not turn away from the Lord, but serve him with all your heart. 1 Samuel 12:20 (GNT)

I wish you well.


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