How Strong is Our Signal?


transistor radioIn the 1960s I had a very cool transistor radio. Oh, yeah. I surely did. It even had an earphone you could plug in. Yep. Only problem was the unreliable signal strength.

During the summer I took that radio with me everyday to the pool. My girlfriends and I spread out our towels, slathered ourselves with Coppertone oil, faced the sun, and listened to WINX AM 1600 radio, at the top of the dial, broadcast live from Rockville, Maryland. I even had a WINX Winker button that entitled me to win prizes if I called the station whenever the DJ announced my name over the air.

One day a friend at school asked what I won after my WINX Winker number was called the previous night around midnight. There was one slight problem. Who stays up 24-hours-a-day to listen for their number to be called? Surely not this seventh grader. The station was pretty sneaky, if you ask me.

At the time, WINX’s radio signal was rather weak. During the daytime, you had to position the radio just right, with the antenna stretched out at the proper angle, to receive the signal. If a cloud passed over, you weren’t going to hear your favorite song, that’s for sure.

In thinking about the weak, semi-reliable radio signal, and the interference that got in the way, I thought about the reliability of the strength of our connection to God. Our radio signal, if you will. And I wondered, how strong is our signal.

Is the signal God sends us getting through, or are we hiding behind something like Adam and Eve did in the Garden after they sinned?

Do we allow others to weaken our connection to God? Do we allow them get in the way of our service to him?

Do we keep ourselves so busy with stuff we don’t have time to hear Jesus’ voice over the noise of our lives?

Just as it sent shouts of “OH. NO.” raging through me whenever my radio lost the signal with WINX and interrupted one of my favorite songs, shouldn’t we shout, “OH. NO.” whenever we drift from God, put up walls, try to hide from his presence and in doing so, break the strength of his signal coming through?

If we expect to find the truth God has for us, we need to look for it through his word and keep our ears tuned to him. We need to make sure we don’t become deaf to his signals. We need to keep our signal strong.

Fortunately, even though God is available to hear our prayers 24-hours-a-day, we don’t need to sit around waiting for our WINX Winker number to be called to win a prize. As soon as we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, the jackpot becomes ours. Eternal life with him in heaven. Glory hallelujah! Amen?

Did you own a transistor radio? If so, how was the reception?

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What then? The people of Israel did not find what they were looking for. It was only the small group that God chose who found it; the rest grew deaf to God’s call. Romans 11:7 (GNT)

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I wish you well.


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Photo by Ali Yasar isgoren on Unsplash