Sunday Scriptures – Where Does Our Worth Lie?

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

I love the stories told in the two books of Samuel, especially those stories about Saul and David.

Saul was chosen by God to be Isreal’s first king after the people begged God to give them one. They wanted to be like the nations around them. They wanted to fit in, not be set apart for God as God intended.

When the prophet Samuel went to Saul at God’s direction and told the future king God tapped him for the job, Saul told Samuel he must be mistaken. Surely Saul was not king material, despite the fact God was the one who chose him.

Do we ever think as Saul did when God calls us to take up a job for him? I’m a nobody. What have I got to offer? Surely you are mistaken, sir.

Fears and insecurities pull us back and keep us from boldly stepping into God’s plan for us. We falsely believe our worth lies in the things of the world and man’s opinion of us, instead of the truth our worth is found only in Jesus.

For the record, Saul wasn’t a “nobody”. He came from a wealthy and powerful family. He was tall at a time when being tall instilled confidence and commanded respect. Yet, even after God gave Saul many victories as king, Saul continued to be jealous and obsessed with people’s opinion of him. He was insecure, deceitful, and arrogant to his own detriment.

It wasn’t enough God thought him worthy to be king, what people thought of Saul; his image, was more important to him to the point it cost him his kingship.

God can use each of us when we are willing to be used by him, realizing if he’s called us to something, he must think we’re capable of completing it through his power and grace.

The world’s standards of success or lack of are not the measuring stick Christians should use to measure our worth. Our worth lies in the favor we have found through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. The only one whose opinion matters.

Instead of looking at what we lack, as Saul did, let’s look at what God gives us, and thank him for those things.

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“Pardon me, sir,” Saul replied. “I’m from the tribe of Benjamin, the smallest in Israel, and my family is the least important of all the families of the tribe! You must have the wrong man!” 1 Samuel 9:21 (TLB)

I wish you well.


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